A photo Once a week

5 Feb

I have started a personal project for this year i have been taking a picture every week with a random theme the theme is picked randomly using random.org and a word document with a huge list of themes here are the pictures so far. Feel free to join me and start your own project.


    I will try to post a picture up every week on time (I may have to post it up late if i am on holiday or similar)
    I will try to improve each week with the help of the Constructive criticism from you guys
    I will have 3 lifes ( I can miss a week if i use one)

    Week 1 – Curves

    Week 2 – Poem
    I had to take a picture that related to a poem

    Now is here —
    A fine new start
    For a whole new year.
    The snow comes down
    In the dark of night.
    When we awake
    The world is white.
    In January
    When there’s snow,
    We get our sleds
    And away we go.

    Week 3 – Chopped
    I found this weeks theme really hard but i think the image fits into the theme quite well

    Week 4 – street
    I used one of my lifes for this week might post an image later

    Week 5 – speed
    Tried to take pictures of cars at night to create a light trail effect but it didnt work so i decided to re-think and came up with this idea


One Response to “A photo Once a week”

  1. gwyn February 11, 2010 at 9:46 pm #

    Hi Kyle,

    Saw a reply of yours to one of Chris’ new-fangled buzzes, checked out your own and landed up here. You’ve a fine collection of pictures… Scotland looks cold… and I live in frozen Maine.

    Best of luck with your project. It’s not easy keeping up a year-long resolution, but you’re off to a great start.


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