1 Sep

These hills in the background always look awesome come summer or winter..


Grey skies what a suprise..

28 Aug

As usually it was a grey and dull day, but out of the doom and gloom somehow there is beauty that shines through.

Kilmodan Parish

24 Aug

This church is in Glendaruel Argyll, I’m not a religious person but I love this place it has always fascinated me, the church is left open unattended and un-watched with the only the trust that is instilled in the visitors keeping it safe this idea is something which is totally unimaginable in the cities and towns of the modern world.

Living in luxury

16 Aug

This boat usually spends it’s time in more tropical waters or at monaco but I supose they got lost and ended up in Scotland! I’d love to own this the only downside is that to rent it for a week it costs 55K I think I might need to get saving..

Row, row, row your boat..

12 Aug

I don’t normally take shots of people or do any sort of street photography, I just find it odd pointing a camera at a random person is it just me that’s like that?

Partners in crime

11 Aug

Yesterday I was in Edinburgh with my familly and ended up visiting the zoo the weather was crap or driech as us scots would say, So it was rather hard to get decent pictures because of the low light levels. There was also a walk which took you too a viewpoint which overlooked the capital but sadly the view was spoiled by the gloomy clouds but none the less it was a great day out and I would thoroughly recommend it to any one if you are in the area especially if the weathers decent.

Partners in crime Partners in crime


Anarchy in the UK

10 Aug

There have been riots in the capital of England, London and around the country over the last four days and we have seen widespread looting and buildings set alight. Dozens have been left homeless after a night of riots on the streets of Tottenham on Saturday after a peaceful demonstration over the death of a man who was shot by police turned violent and on Wednesday three people were killed in a hit and run and in England so far around 989 have been arrested but it’s pretty shocking that this has been allowed to happen in the first place. It appears it has finally calmed down but the PM has authorized the use of Rubber bullets and water cannons so it looks like they are expecting further trouble but we can only hope. In the meanwhile here is a picture I thought was appropriate.
Rule Britannia

Sun, Sea and Sand

9 Aug

I love this picture it almost looks like some sort of tropical paradise hard to believe it’s in the highlands of Scotland! This summers been pretty decent lets hope it stays like this a little longer.
Tropical Scotland

New look

8 Aug

After several years of the same rather boring theme the blog was looking a tad neglected, for now I have chosen this theme I don’t love it but it gives the blog a fresh look and hopefully it’s just the beginning of new things to come as I hope to be more active with the blog posts. do you like the new theme? or do you know of one that would look better please leave suggestions below.

Paddle steamers and sailing boats

7 Aug

It seems lately the only thing I have been photographing is boats, I’m beginning to feel a bit like a train-spotter.
Glen Mason

There be a pirate ship

Ps Waverley

Sailing in the sun